SASB Rules of Procedure


SASB’s Rules of Procedure establish the processes and practices followed by the SASB in developing, issuing, and maintaining its Standards. In establishing formal governance procedures, the Rules describe the SASB’s organizational structure, including the roles, composition, and operating procedures of the various entities involved in the Standards-setting process. The Rules then provide an overview of the SASB’s Standards-setting process. Finally, the Rules describe the various outcomes of this process. The Rules of Procedure are complementary to the Conceptual Framework, which sets forth the essential concepts of sustainability accounting.

From April 7, 2016, through July 6, 2016, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board held a 90-day public comment period on the SASB Rules of Procedure and SASB Conceptual Framework documents. Based on feedback received, the companion document summarizes key comments received and SASB’s responses.